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Salento Premium Coffee Beans (454g) embodies the spirit of Colombia's rich coffee tradition, a product born from the passion of delivering exceptional quality coffee while honoring the hard work of our nation's farmers. This specialty coffee hails from the heart of Salento, Quindío, a region renowned for its high-altitude coffee farms situated at 1920 meters above sea level. The beans are of the Castillo variety, celebrated for their superior flavor and quality.

For generations, Colombia has been recognized for producing the world's finest mild coffee, thanks to years of dedication, learning, and passion from families like the one behind Salento Coffee. This venture, rooted in over 300 years of Colombian coffee history, stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in the coffee industry.

Salento Coffee is a product of Ambrosia, a family-operated business that began over a decade ago with the mission to craft, roast, and market regional coffee. At its inception, the coffee market was less saturated, allowing Ambrosia to pioneer new paths and significantly contribute to the development of the region. The evolution from managing just three brands to over 200 today exemplifies their growth and enterprising nature.

In a country ranked fourth globally for early-stage entrepreneurial activity, Colombia shines as a hub for innovative entrepreneurship. This spirit is deeply embedded in the ethos of Salento Coffee, reflecting a culture of innovation and dedication at both individual and macro levels. Such entrepreneurial endeavors are crucial for activating the potential of individuals, companies, and the broader economic landscape.

Named in honor of the founders' grandparents, Tulio & María, Salento Coffee carries the legacy of resilience and family values, originating from a family farm in Risaralda. It represents not just a high-altitude coffee brand but a tribute to the generations of farmers who have shaped Colombia's coffee landscape.

Ambrosia S.A.S. emerged from a desire to offer stability to coffee producers and farmers amidst fluctuating market prices. By selling roasted coffee under their own brand, they aimed to revolutionize the traditional national market structure. The result is a natural, artisanally roasted coffee that encapsulates the essence of Colombian coffee, free from additives, ensuring a cup that delights with its rich aromas and flavors.

Salento Coffee offers three distinct presentations: Premium, High Roasting, and Special Editions. Each is meticulously crafted to highlight the unique characteristics of the beans, from the balanced and even roasting of the Premium selection to the bold, bitter notes of the High Roasting variant. The Special Editions offer seasonal varieties, each with unique flavors and notes, celebrating the diversity of Colombian coffee.

The dedication to quality extends beyond the coffee itself to the partnership with local coffee growers, ensuring that every bean contributes to the preservation and promotion of the Coffee Cultural Landscape. Salento Coffee, together with its sister brand Tulio & María, is committed to showcasing the best of Colombian coffee, making it accessible to coffee lovers both locally and internationally.

Salento Premium Coffee Beans 454 gr is not just a product but a story of family, tradition, and entrepreneurial spirit. It represents the culmination of Colombia's rich coffee heritage, from the sun-drenched farms of Salento to the cups of coffee enthusiasts around the globe. Join us in experiencing the true essence of Colombian coffee, where every sip is a journey through the heart of Colombia's coffee culture.


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