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From Farm to Table

We offer access to the highest-quality Colombian coffee you can find — straight from the farm to your kitchen. Colombian coffee is some of the best, most flavorful coffee in the world, which is why it has become so popular in recent years. Our difference is that we give you direct access to our producers. We offer a wide range of different products from whole bean coffee to freeze-dried coffee, ground coffee, and our specialty coffees only available here, all with the Juan Valdez seal of approval.

WHY Our Coffee

Colombian coffee is known for its mild, fruity, bright, and well-balanced flavor. All of our coffee is grown, roasted, and packed in Colombia so you know you're getting the best. Colombia has an ideal climate for coffee grow ing, which is why it is important to distinguish between 100% arabica Colombian coffee and blends of beans. If you're looking for that signature Colombian coffee flavor, from an ethical source, look no further.


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Querida Coffee Ground & Beans

Querida Coffee is cultivated at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, in the La Maria farm, Manizales Caldas Colombia. We are producers of Castilla variety coffee and specialized...

Divino Primordial Coffee Ground & Beans

In Divino Coffee we are guardians of flavors, passionate about surprises, mystic coffee growers and manufacturers of experiences in each sip of a specialty coffee, we are committed to deliver...

Divino Intenso Coffee Ground & Beans

In Divino Coffee we are guardians of flavors, passionate about surprises, mystic coffee growers and manufacturers of experiences in each sip of a specialty coffee, we are committed to deliver...

El Prîstino Coffee High Roast Ground & Beans

El Prístino is a special coffee, of unique origin and 100% Colombian, its essence lies in the respect for the original purity and artisanal process. In the Tierra Grata farm...


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Instant Coffee Redefined.

Giraldo Farms Freeze Dried Coffee Classic

Giraldo Farms Shares with the world the best instant coffee this country has to offer, Giraldo Farms Freeze Dried Coffee to enjoy every day. COLOMBIAN COFFEE, the best to start...

Giraldo Farms DECAF Colombian Coffee Instant Freeze Dried 3.52 oz -100 g

Giraldo Farms 100% DECAF Colombian Coffee Instant Freeze-dried 3.52oz. UNIQUE TASTE AND FLAVOR, this decaf instant coffee is made with medium roasting, that give the perfect soft acidity and very...

Giraldo Farms 100% Organic Colombian Coffee Instant Freeze-dried 3.52 oz -100 g

Giraldo Farms Shares with the world the best instant coffee this country has to offer, Giraldo Farms Freeze Dried Organic Coffee to enjoy every day.GIRALDO FAMS ORGANIC INSTANT COFFEE is...

Buendia Instant Coffee 100% Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee 17.6 oz - 500 g

Buendia Instant Coffee Buendia freeze-dried soluble coffee is presented in the form of granules, as a result of its production process, which involves freezing at low temperatures and allows obtaining...

100% Arabica Beans

here are two types of coffee beans in the world: arabica and robusta. But all the coffee produced in Colombia is 100% arabica. Why does this matter? Well, arabica coffee beans have a superior flavor that is unmatched. The sweet, light flavor and high levels of acidity of arabica beans create the perfect flavor balance on the tongue. They are also lower in bitterness than robusta beans and have a more moderate amount of caffeine. Colombia is one of the few countries in the world that has ideal growing conditions for arabica plants, which is why Colombian coffee is differentiated in both quality and flavor from other major coffee producers, who typically offer blends. Each and every one of our coffee producers guarantees 100% arabica beans.


Colombia offers an ideal climate for coffee production, which is why Colombia has become so well known for its coffee. Most of the Colombian coffee produced in the country is grown in a region known as the coffee triangle, in the northern, mountainous Paisa region of Colombia. Arabica coffee plants require very specific growing conditions and can take up to seven years to fully mature. For the best results, coffee plants should be planted in an area with raised elevation and even rain distribution throughout the year. They also cannot tolerate frost. This is why the tropical climate and mountainous terrain of Colombia create ideal conditions for growing coffee.


Colombia also has a long tradition of coffee production and is home to some of the best coffee producers in the world. The local farming community is dedicated to producing a high-quality product each and every time. The traditional growing methods have been passed down for generations, and each step of the process is still done by hand — from growing to harvesting, drying, washing, and roasting the beans. The process of sorting through the beans by hand ensures that neither under-ripe or overripe beans make it into a bag of coffee. It is a highly selective process that helps ensure only the best beans are harvested and thus that you are getting only the highest-quality coffee. At Colombian Coffee US, we want to work with the best, which is why we got into the Colombian Coffee business in the first place. We work exclusively with small farmers who have been refining their growing and harvesting methods for generations. Now that's a difference you can taste.


Arabica beans are known for having a very complex flavor that can vary greatly depending on where the plants were grown. That's why Colombian coffee in particular is so special — the nutrient-rich soil produces the perfectly balanced coffee bean. The light, fruity flavor that arabica beans embody is enhanced by the natural climate of Colombia, allowing the beans to absorb the acidic, citrusy quality of the local soil. With notes of tropical fruit, red berries, apples, chocolate, and caramel, Colombian arabica beans are truly unique, which is why each varietal of coffee we sell is so special and different. Our specialty coffee options are carefully chosen to provide our clients with only the absolute best every time.


Here at Colombian Coffee US, we wanted to bring the highest-quality coffee to the United States in the most ethical way possible. Too often, the small farmers, who pour their hearts into their work, sell their coffee by lots at a lower price so most of the profit goes to the large corporations that buy up the beans and resell them to consumers here in America. Our mission is different. We buy the coffee directly from farmers at the price they sell their product on retail, helping them with the added value of the marketing and branding positioning internationally. You can rest assured when you buy coffee from Colombian Coffee US that you are directly supporting Colombian local farmers.


Colombia Coffee US brings you the absolute best of Colombian coffee in a wide variety of roasts, styles, and grinds. If you are a coffee purist, we have a range of whole bean coffee options as well as different specialty coffee options. We also offer pre-ground coffee that is ideal for a percolator, French press, pour-over, or espresso machine. We also offer instant freeze-dried coffee and coffee pods for busy professionals who just want a quick way to enjoy the highest quality coffee on the market. Try our coffee today and experience the Colombian coffee difference.


While Colombia has been producing coffee for centuries, it became more widely known outside of Colombia, and especially in the United States, when the National Federation for Coffee Growers in Colombia launched an advertising campaign featuring Juan Valdez, a fictional character who represents a Colombian coffee grower. The campaign had the goal of differentiating 100% arabica Colombian coffee from coffee blended with beans from other regions, to showcase the superiority of Colombian coffee. The Juan Valdez campaign was wildly successful in spreading awareness about the prowess of Colombian coffee growers and marketing the coffee to American consumers. There were even multiple actors who were hired to play him in TV commercials and movies throughout the 1960s and 70s. He is usually depicted with his mule, Conchita, and his image is still printed on bags of Colombian coffee. When you see the Juan Valdez symbol, you can rest assured that you're getting the very best and purest Colombian coffee.


Colombia is the third-largest producer of coffee in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam, but the largest producer of arabica coffee beans. Arabica, or the Arabian coffee plant, is believed to be the first species of coffee cultivated in the world and is most the most dominant type of coffee, comprising over 60% of the overall worldwide production. True Colombian coffee comes entirely from the arabica plant and is characterized by an acidic flavor, with low bitterness and moderate caffeine levels.

Colombia is home to over 500,000 producers because the country offers an ideal climate, with a mix of rain and sunshine, fertile volcanic soil, and a long history of coffee farming that has been passed on for generations. It is this combination that leads to the perfect body, aroma, and flavor of each coffee bean that we sell.


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