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• Box curated with the best coffee. Due to Colombia's tropical climate and nutrient-rich soil, local farming communities dedicated to harvesting, drying, washing, and roasting the beans with love, Colombian coffee is the highest quality coffee in the world.

• It really comes down to three factors: geography, the growing process, and the bean.

• The richness of flavour for which Colombian coffee is lauded comes down to the country's fertile volcanic soil and generous amount of rainfall. In essence, the coffee regions of Colombia provide the perfect harmony of climate and geography.

• Growers and harvesters that know what they're doing. Colombian growers are known for picking each and every coffee bean by hand. These expert growers know instantly if a bean is underripe oroverripe, ensuring they pick the very best beans that are grown.

• Colombian coffee is known for its incredible flavour profile. Just one bean can provide notes of everything from tropical fruit and red berries to apples, chocolate, and caramel. In terms of aroma, you'll be entranced by hints of citrus, fruit, and spice.