About Us

Farm-to-Cup Approach

We specialize in farm-to-cup coffee. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Our promise at Colombian Coffee US has always been and always will be to connect small coffee producers in the beautiful land of Colombia with American customers. We’re helping to cut out the middle man by buying directly from local farmers. Above all, our partnerships with the finest coffee growers in the region are rooted in respect and integrity. We give them total control over the cultivation, harvesting, and roasting of their coffee beans. All we do is help get their final product into the hands of customers.

Our Farmers | Roasters

Working with Colombian coffee farmers is the first and most important step in our farm-to-cup approach. Colombian Coffee US works directly with select farmers, all of whom have decades of experience in the industry. Our direct and positive relationships with farmers in the region is ultimately what allows us to provide top of the line coffee at an affordable price point. Our process is as follows: We reach out to meet with our farmers and buy their coffee beans before harvest, eliminating the need for middle men and transportation costs, both of which inflate the price of coffee.

Integrity, Respect, and Fair Wages

What sets us apart from other Colombian coffee brands? Our farm-to-cup approach ensures a fresh, ethical, and authentic cup of 100% arabica coffee every time. Ethics are top of mind for Colombian Coffee US. Too often Colombian coffee growers are taken advantage of, forced into deals that offer them far less compensation than what they deserve. We’re trying to right this wrong by making fair wages a pillar of each and every partnership we make. Anyone that knows Colombia knows that coffee is the pride of the nation. We refuse to undermine that pride by offering farmers less than what their top quality beans are worth. Typically, a grower will auction off their beans at a tasting event. At such an event, the quality of each bean is determined and it is the quality that sets the price. However, we know that certain growers, such as those who we work with, always produce quality beans. Thus, there’s really no need to engage with this auction system, a system that often results in less money for the grower and more money in the pocket of the foreign buyer. At Colombian Coffee US, we pride ourselves on getting the right price for both our growers and our customers. We never sacrifice quality, but we also never disrespect the growers, who are truly experts at what they do.

Legal Stuff Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC) wants you to know.

Valencia & Vahos, Corp. is an independent retailer of Colombian coffee. Our use of 'Colombian Coffee' in the domain name [colombiancoffee.us] and any associated branding is solely for descriptive purposes to indicate the geographic origin of our coffee products. We are not sponsored, affiliated with, or endorsed by the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC). All trademarks remain property of their respective holders, and are used only to directly describe the products being provided. Their use in no way indicates any relationship between Valencia & Vahos, Corp. and the holders of said trademarks.