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A Journey of Wellness in Every Cup

Each Querida coffee packet is more than just a serving of coffee; it's a unique message of well-being and empowerment. Crafted with the finest Colombian beans, our coffee offers a harmonious blend of richness and smoothness. Every packet is designed to resonate with your moments of solitude and reflection, making each cup a cherished experience.

Our individual packets come in four distinct designs, each bearing an affirmation that connects with you on a path of health and happiness. These messages serve as gentle reminders of the joy and indulgence in every cup of Querida coffee.

Whether it's a gentle morning start, a quiet evening retreat, or a moment in between, Querida coffee is your companion in wellness. It's not just a beverage; it's an invitation to a world where coffee transcends its traditional role – it becomes a symbol of empowerment and indulgence.

Choose your favorite design or collect all four to complete your journey with Querida. Embrace the taste, the health, and the empowerment with every sip. Order your individual Querida Coffee Packets today and join us in celebrating the strength and beauty of wellness.