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Almendra Selecta Coffee is a specialty coffee created for those who enjoy exploring life's pleasures and trying new alternatives. They have created a unique product with characteristics that can only come from their knowledge and creativity. The beans for this coffee are cultivated in La Sabrosa farm in the municipality of Amaga, located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level in Antioquia.

As a Colombian coffee producer, Almendra Selecta wants to promote the consumption of coffee through their website, with the goal of contributing to the development of the sector and reaching more people with wonderful experiences around a good Colombian coffee.

Almendra Selecta is a company of experts in coffee, from the cultivation to the creation of new proposals. They experiment and design the perfect coffee that all Colombians dream of. They are coffee producers at an altitude between 1800 and 2000 meters above sea level in municipalities of Antioquia, and each bean that they produce goes through a rigorous process that elevates the quality of the final product. They offer a wide portfolio of sales in Colombia and abroad, reaching more than twenty countries with their own brand or private label. The company designs special products such as chocolate-covered coffee, panela cubes, syrups for beverages, or coffee in PODs.

Almendra Selecta's coffee is for all those consumers who enjoy and explore the pleasures of life and want to try new alternatives. Their coffee is made with total commitment and mastery, creating a special coffee with characteristics that only their knowledge and creativity can provide. The Colombian coffee offered by this company generates exotic and unique notes as its main attribute. Its selection and production are carried out under high standards of demand and experimentation, which increase its quality.

At Almendra Selecta, they consider sharing their knowledge and experience with their clients to be the best thing they can do. They are committed to offering not only a prepared cup of coffee but also a coffee experience. They also seek to create unique experiences for the senses by providing high-performance espresso machines such as La Pavoni.

Almendra Selecta was born with the commitment to offer the best in coffee. They were winners of the call number 21 of 2012, identifying in them what was necessary to have an innovative, social and meticulous process around coffee. Their coffee is produced in the best soils and climate in the municipalities of Fredonia, Amaga, and Venecia, in the heart of the coffee growing region of Antioquia.

Almendra Selecta works to create a long-term production of high-quality coffee, positively impacting the lives and livelihoods of coffee producers and their communities. They have eight seals that certify them as a transparent and high-quality company. They work with coffee growers committed to good management practices, providing them with training to determine the best procedures to follow and incentivize their work as their coffee reaches better results.

In short, Almendra Selecta's goal is to provide a high-quality coffee experience that allows people to enjoy the best coffee from the hand of true masters.


Walnut, Almond Intense


Sweet Caramelized


Sweet, Panel






Citrus, Medium


Silky, Medium


Medium Dark


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