Vivorigen Coffee Caturra Natural - Colombian Coffee
Vivorigen Coffee Caturra Natural - Colombian Coffee


Vivorigen Coffee Caturra Natural

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Size:10.6 oz | 300 g
Grind Size:Whole Beans


The Essence of Colombian Heritage: At the heart of Colombia's lush Andes Mountains lies the story of Vivorigen Caturra Natural Coffee Beans. These beans represent not just a drink, but an odyssey – a rich tale of Colombian passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Harvested at a towering altitude of 1,800 meters, these beans are nurtured by the unique climatic conditions, where cool air, rich soil, and abundant rainfall converge to give them their exceptional flavor profile.

An Enigmatic Flavor Profile: When you first experience the Vivorigen Caturra, you're met with a symphony of flavors. The beans introduce themselves with bright notes of red and yellow fruits, reminiscent of a sun-kissed orchard bursting with ripeness. This fruity opening is artfully complemented by a creamy texture that's both indulgent and inviting. As the brew dances on the palate, there emerges a distinctive lactic acidity, which, rather than overpowering, perfectly balances the coffee's medium body. The medium roast further enhances these intrinsic flavors, lending them warmth, depth, and an enticing aroma that promises an unforgettable brewing experience.

A Testament to Tradition: Beyond the taste lies the tale. The Vivorigen Caturra beans owe their unmatched quality to the El Legado farm, a name that reverberates with legacy and commitment. Rooted in the tradition of Colombian coffee cultivation, this farm takes pride in employing the natural processing method, which allows the beans to dry naturally in the sun, locking in their intrinsic flavors and giving them their distinctive taste. The choice of the Caturra variety further underscores the commitment to quality. Recognized for its resilience and superior quality, the Caturra beans are a testament to the farm's dedication to delivering only the best to coffee enthusiasts worldwide.










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