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KAKAITOS coffee beans are the embodiment of a coffee lover's dream, a rare blend of flavor and texture. Hailing from the very heart of the famous Eje Cafetero, these beans are crafted to offer not only the robust traditional coffee flavor, but also an added crunchy pleasure that surprises and delights.

Kakaitos gives you a crunchy pleasure in your mouth at any time and in any place, the unmistakable KAKAITOS is achieved through an innovative roasting process. The chocolate coated coffee beans are a delicious combination that blends the rich flavor of chocolate with the bitter and aromatic touch of coffee. Here is a detailed description:

Appearance: chocolate-coated coffee beans are usually a little larger than untreated coffee beans, and their shape is irregular and curved. The chocolate coating gives them a lustrous shine and an appetizing appearance. They may be coated with dark chocolate.

Texture: The outer layer of chocolate is smooth and may have a velvety feel to the touch. Once you bite into the bean, the crunchiness of the chocolate gives way to the firmness and grainy texture of the coffee inside.

Flavor: The taste is a complex and exquisite blend of sweet chocolate and bitter coffee that contrasts with the strong, roasted flavor of the coffee bean. The combination can be both refreshing and satisfying, with an aftertaste that lingers.

Smell: The aroma combines the rich, heady fragrance of chocolate with the deep, earthy notes of coffee. It is a fragrance that is often associated with indulgence and can be very appealing to both coffee and chocolate lovers.

This would be the perfect gift to compliment your roasted and ground coffees, give it an elegant touch, and its presentation makes it the perfect complement to any coffee enthusiast.

Delight yourself today with the pleasure of KAKAITOS and turn every moment into a coffee moment.