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Aguila Roja Coffee has positioned itself as the beverage that gathers family and friends around a delicious red coffee, a brand that is present in the life of several generations of Colombians; thanks to the quality of its products that are elaborated with the most advanced technology; the Águila Roja coffee is one of the favorites of Colombians, this delicious coffee is very coveted by lovers of dark coffee, with Aguila Roja you will enjoy every cup on your palate.

As it is well known Colombia is the paradise of every coffee lover, you don't have to leave your home to taste this recognized traditional Colombian coffee, the roasted coffee of Aguila Roja offers you that same coffee goodness from the highlands of Colombia directly in your home, being one of the favorites in the land of coffee growers in its majority, this is a product that you have to try, after all, nobody else knows coffee better than Colombians.

Get a taste of what the hype is all about with Colombian Supremo and Excelso beans, but be warned: you may never look at another coffee again. This coffee, with a sweet, clean aftertaste, is smooth, Aguila Roja also boasts that rich, distinctive aroma that will instantly fill the air and make you want to get out of bed and start your day with a bang.

Quality is recognized when you see it, and the packaging of Aguila Roja Colombian Roasted Coffee gives away the kind of attention to detail needed to guarantee freshness in every package. Its presentation in a laminated metallic bag with a zipper to seal it hermetically and with a degassing valve to keep it airtight, you will get a fresh and dark roasted coffee available in a 500g - 17.6 oz. package.

This coffee has always served to bring friends and families together. So, if you know someone who shares the same passion for coffee, this is the kind of gift that won't disappoint.

We started in 1930 with the opening of a store located on Carrera 4 with Calle 11, in front of the Plaza de Caicedo in the city of Cali, in 1939, according to our growth and participation in the market, it is necessary to move the organization to the new facilities located in Carrera 5 No. 21-48 of Barrio San Nicolas in Cali, characterized from the beginning by the constant technological renewal and permanent improvement of our production processes under the highest quality standards.

In 1974, the first large plant for the production of roasted and / or ground coffee was inaugurated in the municipality of Candelaria (Valle), followed by 1994 with the construction of a new plant in the municipality of MADRID in Cundinamarca and a third during the year 2000 in the municipality of SANTANDER DE QUILICHAO in the Department of Cauca, under the corporate name INDUSTRIA DE PRODUCTOS ALIMENTICIOS DEL CAUCA SA "IPAC S. A." .