Vivorigen Blend Honey Coffee Beans - Colombian Coffee
Vivorigen Blend Honey Coffee Beans - Colombian Coffee


Vivorigen Blend Honey Coffee Beans

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Size:10.6 oz | 300 g
Grind Size:Whole Beans


A Journey Through the Andean Heights: Deep within Colombia's iconic Andes Mountains lies the origin of Vivorigen's Blend Honey Coffee Beans, a testament to the region's rich coffee heritage. These beans grow at impressive altitudes, precisely 1,800 meters above sea level, where the delicate balance of cool mountain air and radiant sun converges. It's in this unique microclimate that our beans absorb flavors and nuances, setting them apart in the world of gourmet coffees.

Craftsmanship in Every Bean: Our commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of this coffee. Roasted to a perfect medium level, each bean showcases the meticulous care and expertise that goes into its preparation. The Honey processing method, a technique that retains a layer of natural sweetness from the coffee cherry, further elevates the bean's intrinsic flavors. When brewed, this coffee unveils an intricate tapestry of flavors: from the rich undertones of caramel and the rustic sweetness of panela to the indulgent hints of dulce de leche and chocolate. A bright, citric acidity complements these flavors, culminating in a creamy body and a lingering sweet chocolate aftertaste.

Legacy of the Caturra - Colombia Variety: Beyond its taste lies its tradition. The choice of the Caturra - Colombia variety underscores our dedication to preserving and promoting Colombia's esteemed coffee legacy. This variety, renowned for its outstanding flavor profile and resilience, ensures that every sip of Vivorigen Blend Honey Coffee is a reflection of Colombia's finest beans. In a world teeming with choices, ours is for the discerning coffee enthusiast seeking both quality and authenticity.










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