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Giraldo Farms DECAF Colombian Coffee Instant Freeze Dried 3.52 oz -100 g

Giraldo Farms DECAF Colombian Coffee Instant Freeze Dried 3.52 oz -100 g

Giraldo Farms Freeze Dried Coffee Classic

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Giraldo Farms 100% Colombian Coffee Instant Freeze-dried, 3.5 and 7.05 ounces

  • Type: dark roast
  • 100% Arabic
  • Medium acidity
  • Ultra- rich and smooth texture
  • Easy to prepare
  • Highly soluble
  • Original Colombian coffee

Giraldo Farms Shares with the world the best instant coffee this country has to offer, Giraldo Farms Freeze Dried Coffee to enjoy every day. COLOMBIAN COFFEE, the best to start your day, coming from the Andean Mountains of Colombia, harvested by hand, bean by bean, carefully processed to get the best out of it, having as a result a cup of coffee with great taste and flavor, now in your hands to indulge yourself with every cup. UNIQUE TASTE AND FLAVOR, this instant coffee is made with medium roasting, that give a unique balance of acidy and bitterness to the final instant coffee, with sweet fruity notes and exquisite sweet aroma. INSTANT COFFEE PRODUCED BY THE FREEZE-DRYING PROCESS where the roasted and ground coffee is mixed with hot water to extract the coffee beverage, then concentrated by freezing, then concentrated coffee extract is send to freezing band then is grind and send to a vacuum tunnel to extract the rest of the water remaining in the coffee, leaving “freeze dried coffee” ready to pack and send to the world’s customers. GLASS JAR PACKED to preserve the coffee great aroma and flavor. Comes in presentations of 3.52 oz and 7.04 oz jars. MADE FOR COFFEE LOVERS that want a cup of coffee asap, that want to start the day with energy, that want their bodies to have antioxidants to protect the body cells.

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