El Market Colombia- Antioquia Coffee - Colombian Coffee
El Market Colombia- Antioquia Coffee - Colombian Coffee

El Market Colombia

El Market Colombia- Antioquia Coffee

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Size:12 oz | 340 g
Grind Size:Whole Beans


Antioquia Coffee: An Ode to Colombian Heritage in Every Bean

In the sprawling landscapes of Colombia, where the Andes touch the sky and the Amazon breathes life into the earth, coffee beans are more than just a crop; they are an emblem of culture, tradition, and passion. At the very heart of this nation, the region of Antioquia stands proud, a testament to centuries of coffee cultivation. It's here that El Market Antioquia Coffee begins its journey, from a humble bean to the aromatic brew that graces your cup.

Our coffee is nothing short of artistry. Every bean is a product of meticulous care, chosen from the finest raw materials, ensuring an unparalleled quality suitable for the global stage. As you open a pack, the first sensory embrace is the gentle aroma – soft and inviting, reminiscent of blooming flowers in a Colombian spring. When brewed, it introduces itself with a delicate body, smooth yet rich, laying the foundation for an orchestra of flavors. The initial taste offers bright, fruity notes, complemented by an underlying citrusy acidity that aficionados so often seek. As the journey continues, hints of cocoa and chocolate emerge, adding depth and complexity to the experience. Each sip is a reflection of the dedication to excellence, affirmed by our certification from the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros.

With a net weight of 340 grams or 12 ounces, this package is more than just coffee; it's an invitation. An invitation to travel through the regions of Colombia, to feel the cool Andean breezes, to hear the whispers of the Amazon, and to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of Colombian coffee culture. Dive deep into the legacy of Antioquia with every cup, and let El Market Antioquia Coffee take you on an unparalleled sensory expedition.










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