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  • BODY: It is perceived when we look at it and we feel it in our mouth when we taste it; a full, full, thin or light body. It can be "watery" or "very full". The body is affected by the degree of roasting and by the manner or method of preparation. 


FLAVOR: In coffee, flavor is the result of a balance between intensity and the degree to which its aroma, body and acidity are present.


ACIDITY: It is one of the main qualities sought after in coffee and a desirable and pleasant characteristic, one of the most appreciated in Colombian Coffee.  Its intensity is modified by the degree of roasting.  Experts distinguish three classes of acidity: natural, desirable and acid.


AROMA: The fragrant and pleasant smell is the first thing that is perceived in coffee when smelling it, when grinding it, or after pouring hot water over it.  Its volatile substances produce its aroma: floral, fruity, sweet or pronounced.


  • FRAGRANCE: Soft and delicious odor, perfume, effluvia.


  • BITTER: It is to the taste of each palate and in coffee is desirable in moderate degree, it is affected by the degree of roasting and by the manner or method of preparation.


SWEETNESS: It is a soft and pleasant sensation to the palate.  It is one of the main characteristics of Arabica coffees. 


FRESH: It is identified when its aroma stands out in all its splendor.


STRONG: With good body, strong flavor and characteristic odor.  It varies with roasting or with the type of preparation. 


FRESH: A coffee with a pleasant aroma.  Flavorful.  


  • BALANCED: A harmony in its flavor is perceived.


  • FRUIT: The coffee can have exquisite fruity aromas or it can have a ferment.


  • OVERALL IMPRESSION: It is the balance of all the above qualities together.


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