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Juan Valdez Summit

This Colombian coffee, with intense and impressive flavors, is designed to awaken the senses. Its attributes derive from its medium to high roasting point, which gives it an imposing dry and unsweetened character that is immediately sensed on the palate.

It is a coffee of character with light sweet notes of semi-dry grapes and a lingering cocoa flavor, which is felt as soon as you drink it. For its packaging, Juan Valdez was inspired by the Colombian coffee mountains, so that whenever you buy it, you can take with you the diversity of the Colombian countryside.

Cumbre becomes the ideal option for filtered coffee preparations and here we give you two options to taste it in the best way:

- 120 grams per 2 liters of water

- 14 grams of coffee per 210 ml of water (9oz)

Click now on our page to buy Juan Valdez Cumbre, a product with which you will not only be able to taste the flavor of the smoothest coffee in the world but also support the families behind all this work.


Juan Valdez, a worldwide brand

It is hard to imagine the impact of simply drinking a cup of our favorite beverage, such as Juan Valdez coffee. Behind each bean are the different stories and aspirations of 500,000 experienced coffee growers who hand-pick these cherry-colored fruits at each harvest to bring the best coffee to your table. Who has not heard of Juan Valdez? This character is a coffee icon in Colombia, a nation that prides itself on its incredible and vibrant coffee culture. A fictional character, yes, but a fictional character that represents all coffee growers in this country. Juan Valdez embodies all the great attributes for which Colombian coffee has become known. And with every bag of Juan Valdez coffee that you buy, you get the product of a brand that strives every day to honor its roots.

We have to thank Procafecol S.A. because without them, none of what we know as Juan Valdez would have been possible. This company, which was born in 2002, emerged with a clear objective: to generate value-added business for coffee growers through its four lines of business: Specialized stores, department stores, institutional channel and e-commerce portal.


Its relationship with Colombian coffee growers is through various channels:

- Recognizing the quality of its coffee through the payment of a quality premium.

- To position Colombian coffee in the world.

- Permanent commitment to generate value through the National Coffee Fund (FoNC) for the generation of public goods and the Sustainability in Action projects of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.

This year marks twenty years of investment and team work, sharing knowledge and experience with all coffee growers in the country. They have more than 300 stores operating in Colombia and more than one hundred in the world, besides being leaders in the category of large supermarkets. Juan Valdez Colombian Premium Coffee positions them as the most recognized and admired brand in our country, consolidating the expansion model to new markets in the world.


Corporate Values

Whoever knows Juan Valdez, even superficially, can realize that it puts all the values of the company to work every day. Passion for talent is one of them. They assure to be open to give and receive timely feedback. They empower and recognize others, being an example of putting values into practice. Another value is their entrepreneurial attitude, as they constantly seek opportunities for improvement and come up with ideas to solve problems. It is surprising to see companies like this one turn their ideas into reality. Like so many other Colombian coffee brands and products, at Juan Valdez they make things happen.

By making decisions in a timely manner for the benefit of the client, they put their agility to the test, a value of great importance in today's market. They adapt and learn quickly, while looking for practical solutions to add value. On the other hand, teamwork is reflected in their work with the community, in the open communication they have with their clients and in the fact that they tend to share information to make good decisions.

They are results-oriented, as they believe in pursuing challenging goals and achieving objectives while taking care of their own and others' well-being. They like to plan and prioritize to achieve results. They are an integrity-driven company and direct all their actions towards honesty, truth, fairness and cooperation, both in dealing with others and with themselves. "It is doing the right thing, even if no one sees it, and not doing the wrong thing even if everyone else does it".

A permanent attitude of collaboration, looking for opportunities to create memorable moments that brighten other people's lives, that is the basis of Juan Valdez Café's service. A service that is expressed through quality, experience and the connection with its purpose. And one of the last and most important is the Colombian identity that they express in each one of their products or campaigns. They have it impregnated in their identity and work with the pride of believing and living in the first instance the most positive elements that characterize Colombians: Passion for what we do, kindness, spontaneity and sincerity, hospitality, creativity, drive and hard work.


Iconic character

The Juan Valdez character was created by the National Federation of Coffee Growers in 1960 and several decades later continues to be one of the most recognized names worldwide. In the mid twentieth century, the coffee market was led by roasters, who mixed beans of different origins to make their business more profitable. Colombia was not recognized as a producing country and it was at that time, and as a result of that opportunity, that the need for differentiation was born. The solution was simple: to create Juan Valdez as the visible face of a 100% Colombian premium coffee.

Juan Valdez and Conchita, his mule, became part of a branding strategy between the National Federation of Coffee Growers and Procafecol S.A., in which the consumer could recognize that his coffee had a Colombian origin if he saw these two characters on its packaging.  This created immediate recognition and positioned the country as one of the best producers of Arabica coffee in the world.

Creating Juan Valdez was a brilliant idea that helped to tell foreigners where the best mild coffee in the world came from and why it was the best. It arrived in the United States in the fifties and sixties. It represents the Colombian farmer: hard working, proud of his beautiful land and the quality of the coffee fruits he produces. The strategy was clear and contributed in an important way to position Colombian coffee in the minds of consumers.

It all began with the selection of a coffee character that could represent his guild in a very competitive market. However, Juan Valdez was so well received that it became a brand that has left the name of Colombia high in the world. Since 2002, the brand has had Juan Valdez stores, whose main objective is the sale of premium coffee in order to continue positioning this product as one of the great virtues of Colombia. Juan Valdez was born to make the world fall in love with the highest quality and flavor of its coffee, but without realizing it became the coffee of an entire country.

In 2002 they opened their first store in the El Dorado airport in Bogota. In 2007, committed to the development of people and with the purpose of continuing to build the country, the company established a labor inclusion program, which became its flagship project to promote the inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities in its stores. That same year the first edition of the book "Juan Valdez, the strategy behind the brand" was launched, which narrates the tactic of valuing Colombian coffee developed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

Juan Valdez is the company with the greatest diversification of its portfolio. It offers twelve different products in presentations of 250, 340 and 500 grams, which, according to the Euromonitor report (Euromonitor International, 2014), depend on the channel where the product is offered: Coffee Shop, Supermarket and Hypermarket.

As a brand they represent, around the world, the values, and traditions of Colombian coffee growers. They deliver to the coffee growers the highest value for the quality of the coffee and important royalty resources for the sale of each cup or product that bears their signature around the world. They currently have more than 330 stores in Colombia, more than 130 international stores and are present in 33 markets around the world.


Semi-dry Grape, Cocoa and Tea Flavor.












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