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Higher than 1800 m.s.n.m

This coffee is for all those consumers that enjoy and explore the pleasures of life and want to try new alternatives. In Almendra Selecta they have created with total mastery and dedication a specialty coffee with characteristics that only their knowledge and creativity can provide. The beans for this special product are cultivated in the La Sabrosa farm, located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level in the municipality of Amaga, in Antioquia.

Colombia is a coffee growing country at heart and through our web page we want to promote the consumption of coffee, since in this way we all win, from the collector of the bean to the person who drinks a cup at home. We feel that we can contribute to the development of the sector and that, through our sales channels, we can reach more people with wonderful experiences around a good Colombian coffee.

Almendra Selecta Coffee, the coffee milling process.

From the cultivation to the creation of new proposals, in Almendra Selecta they are experts in coffee. They experiment and design the coffee that all Colombians dream of, that perfect coffee that we always long for. They are coffee producers at an altitude between 1800 and 2000 meters above sea level in municipalities of Antioquia and each bean that they produce goes through a rigorous process that elevates the quality of the final product. They have evolved from a base of Specialty Coffees with denomination of origin to go further and offer, at present, a wide portfolio of sales in Colombia and abroad, reaching more than twenty countries with their own brand or private label. The company designs special products such as chocolate-covered coffee, panela cubes, Syrups for beverages or coffee in PODs. They commercialize high performance espresso machines such as La Pavoni and, with creativity, dedication and method, seek to create unique experiences for the senses.

Their coffee is for all those consumers who enjoy and explore the pleasures of life and want to try new alternatives. In Almendra Selecta they have dedicated all their efforts in creating and perfecting with total commitment a special coffee with characteristics that only their knowledge and creativity can provide. At an important altitude, of the Catura-Arabica variety, the Colombian coffee offered by this company generates exotic and unique notes as its main attribute. Its selection and production are carried out under high standards of demand and experimentation, which increase its quality. In short, from this company they only want people like you and me to learn to enjoy the best coffee from the hand of true masters.

At Almendra Selecta they like to teach, as they consider that sharing their knowledge and experience with their clients is the best thing they can do. For them, the best coffee should not only be prepared but also enjoyed. For this reason, and hand in hand with their teaching process, it is also necessary to know about the coffee industry, which currently moves an average of 70,000 million dollars a year, a figure surpassed only by oil in terms of exports on a global scale, according to the magazine “Investigacion y Ciencia”

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, after oil, and it is estimated that 125 million people make their living from coffee cultivation, including 25 million small producers. World production has exceeded 100 million bags for several years and of this production, more than 80 million bags are exported each year.

The largest exporters of coffee are the South Americans. Colombia and Brazil have exported millions of tons of this product to the entire world for decades. It is said that out of every ten homes in the world in which coffee is consumed, nine of them consume coffee from Latin America, more specifically from Colombia, Brazil or Peru.

Coffee Process

But, do we really know what is the process of this coffee? From growing on the coffee trees to the final cup, Colombian coffee beans go through a process that consists of a set of operations to transform the coffee fruits into parchment coffee of high physical and cup quality, which, due to its stability in a wide range of environmental conditions, is the state in which this product is commercialized in Colombia.

The coffee process is carried out by the coffee growers, in its great majority, in the facilities that they have in their farms and is done by wet processing, that comprises the following stages: Pulping, Removal of the mucilage (by natural fermentation or mechanical removal), Washing and Drying.

In farms with productions of less than 300 arrobas of dry parchment coffee per year, the cherry coffee is received in the hopper of the pulper. In farms with higher production, dry hoppers can be used, where the coffee is received and transported by gravity to the pulper. Water should not be used at this stage.

- Pulping. This consists of removing the pulp from the cherry by means of pressure exerted by the pulper and should be initiated immediately after harvesting the fruits. Ripe coffee contains mucilage, a layer located between the pulp and the parchment that allows pulping by simply pressing the cherry. Therefore, do not use water to pulp the coffee.

- Fermentation. The fermentation process is carried out in the tanks where the pulped beans are received. In the natural fermentation process, the time should be controlled to ensure the final quality of the bean, because if the coffee is over fermented the defects of flavor and aroma of vinegar, ferment, pineapple or wine, onion, rancid or stinker are produced. If pulped coffees from different days are mixed there can be overfermentation.

Difference with experience

They consider that there are several points that make them different.

- Experience, being demanding masters in the production of their coffee beans.

- The processes that are carried out in a rigorous manner, taking care of every detail to the maximum. Each bean with which they work undergoes a careful selection process that elevates the quality of the coffee.

- The creativity and the desire to do things in an innovative way has allowed them to obtain unique and incomparable results.

Almendra Selecta Coffee was born with the commitment to offer the best in coffee. This idea was presented to the Plan Fondo Emprender (SENA program) where they were winners of the call number 21 of 2012, identifying in them what was necessary to have an innovative, social and meticulous process around coffee.

In the municipalities of Fredonia, Amaga and Venecia, in the heart of the coffee growing region of Antioquia, in the best soils and with the best climate, the coffee plantations grow where true masters take care of each process to produce the best Colombian coffee. The main plant is located in Caldas, Antioquia and is registered with the National Federation of Coffee Growers in order to carry out coffee cupping tests, thus generating a complete traceability system that assures excellent quality.

It has eight seals that certify it as a transparent and high quality company. In addition to having excellent raw material, they work with coffee growers committed to good management practices (shade, biodiversity, care of natural resources, management of organic fertilizers, traditional benefits, etc.), and constantly provide them with training to determine the best procedures to follow and incentivize their work as their coffee reaches better results.


All of the aspects under which Almendra Selecta works are in place to create a long-term production of high quality coffee and to positively impact the lives and livelihoods of coffee producers and their communities. More than a beverage, a cup of Colombian coffee is part of a coffee ritual. It is the beginning of a new day or a reward at the end of a long one. It is a lazy weekend morning or a reason to share a moment with friends. Whatever the moment, Almendra Selecta invites you to savor it.