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Buendia Instant Coffee

Buendia freeze-dried soluble coffee is presented in the form of granules, as a result of its production process, which involves freezing at low temperatures and allows obtaining up to three times more coffee than is usually produced for other variants, conserving up to 2% of caffeine, as soluble or capsules.

Freeze-dried Buendia Coffee is a very desirable product in international markets due to its flavor, aroma and the content of natural nutrients that make it a unique beverage in the national and international industry. It is a coffee elaborated in a subtle and careful way, where low temperatures and a gentle drying process allow it to conserve intact the flavor and aroma of the roasted bean. This is its secret and thanks to it it has positioned itself as an incomparable and extraordinary soluble coffee.

In order to encourage you to buy it, here are some of its benefits:

    1. Aroma and flavor close to roasted and ground coffee.
    2. Practical and easy to prepare.
    3. Ideal for mixing and obtaining coffee-based beverages.
    4. Long shelf life, approximately 24 months preserving its quality.

Buendia, freeze-dried coffee.

Buendia coffee is born in the coffee mountains, a Colombian coffee that has the flavor of the fields and the Colombian territory, prosperous, fertile and unique. These mountains, that serve as a home for thousands of coffee growers that put their hearts into each seed, are also home to the only freeze-dried coffee factory in Colombia. A magical place that makes each cup of this brand of Colombian coffee a taste of the optimism, joy and hope of an entire region. One of the purposes of this Colombian company has been to maintain the legacy of the coffee culture left by the Antioquian peasants who colonized these lands. Each cup of coffee tells the story of a tradition admired throughout the world, that gathers family and friends with its aroma and flavor around a good cup of coffee.

Where is freeze-dried coffee produced?

The Buendia coffee factory, located in Chinchina, Caldas, is the second largest freeze-dried coffee production plant in the world. Walking through its corridors must be an adventure that activates in a very particular way the brain neurons and, in an even more special way, the senses of smell and taste, which would be easily impregnated with an irresistible aroma. Imagine with me that we are there and that they explain to us how this incredible aroma is the product of a complex and high technology process to which our Colombian coffee is subjected so that it reaches markets in more than sixty countries converted into a soluble beverage of unbeatable quality. Let us imagine that Coffee Buendia invites us to tour its facilities and that we must put on masks, caps and aprons in order to comply with the basic norms of occupational health. We become a kind of high-level scientific mission, and we enter the bowels of an industrial giant whose endless network of pipes of all thicknesses resembles the network of arteries and organs that run through the interior of the human body. Once we are focused on the tour, we learn that freeze-drying is the process of removing the water from the coffee extract and producing soluble coffee. This consists of freezing the coffee extract at very cold temperatures, around -50°C, thus avoiding the loss of aromas and attributes of the beverage that are highly valued. When subjected to a deep vacuum, of less than one thousandth of atmospheric pressure, the water remaining in the frozen extract passes directly from the solid to the gaseous state, a process known as sublimation.

As we are still among the experts invited to the plant, we do not ask questions when we have doubts. We arrived home to find out, step by step, how freeze-dried coffee is produced. First, they roast the Colombian coffee beans, a process that gives off the delicious aroma of the coffee we know. Then, they proceed to grind it and then pass it through fresh water from the springs to extract the best soluble part of the coffee. We did not know that the process through which they extract the best flavor is called clioconcentration. In order to increase its porosity, the product is subjected to a process of fuming to pass, ultimately, through belts to a cold room where it will be granulated and classified.

The raw material for the production of freeze-dried coffee is 100% Coffea Arabica coffee from Colombia, produced in the coffee growing regions of Colombia under agro-ecological conditions that lead to the production of a smooth, clean cup coffee with relatively high acidity, balanced body, pronounced aroma and a sensory profile of excellent quality.

History of Freeze Dried Coffee

The freeze-drying coffee project in Colombia began in 1973. At the beginning, the plant produced 1,800 tons of coffee per year. Today, it has five plants that can produce a total of 11,500 tons of freeze-dried coffee per year. Buendia, together with the National Federation of Coffee Growers, has worked for years generating value and well being through the transformation and commercialization of coffee to the world market. Its profits are reinvested in benefits for more than 500,000 coffee growing families in Colombia. The implementation of management systems has permitted a quality process that has been recognized by different international certifications, which has facilitated the presence of the products manufactured by Buendia in the most demanding markets in the world. It is the only freeze-dried coffee production plant in Colombia and one of the most technologically advanced in the world.

Buendia is a brand that brings to Colombian homes a product manufactured with state of the art technology in the processing of each bean, strict monitoring and control systems and packaging machinery. All of this has positioned the company as experts in applied coffee technologies, which translates into confidence for the world's consumers. But Buendia would not be what it is today if Buencafe, the industrial plant of the National Coffee Fund, had not been founded. As part of its value strategy, since 1973, Buencafe was created to become one of the leading suppliers of soluble coffee in the world and the only one with a social orientation. They work with optimism in the creation of sustainable value for the coffee growers of the country. They have a positive impact with their relationships with the environment, the guild, the community and other publics of interest; they satisfy the needs of their clients through safe, authentic and high quality products, protected in the supply chain. They assure their commitment to social and environmental responsibility, the continuous improvement of their processes and the preservation of the health of their workers.


In 1982, the freeze-dried Colombian coffee produced in the factory won the highest award at the Leipzig Fair, the most prestigious event in Germany. At that time, around 150,000 pounds of Colombian coffee were exported. In 2000 Buendia coffee was marketed for the first time in 225 large supermarkets in the United Kingdom and in 2001 it reached the United States and Mexico, in addition to being marketed in Colombia. Today, Buendia continues to be elaborated in a subtle and careful manner. The low temperatures and the gentle drying process allow it to completely conserve the flavor and aroma of the recently roasted beans, attributes that currently position it as one of the most desired in the market of soluble coffees. Its versatility allows it to be part of exquisite preparations and the variety of its presentations give your palate options to experience it always in a different way. Freeze-dried coffee has arrived to give you the option of an "immediate" preparation of your favorite beverage without losing the properties of flavor and aroma, factors that have made it unique since its discovery in the XIX century. All the good that dwells in the heart of the coffee growers of our country is a seed that is put in the ground and gives as fruit our Colombian Coffee, represented in brands such as Buendia.

This coffee is natural, free of chemical products. Thanks to this freeze-drying process a balanced coffee is obtained, with an even and special flavor and a good balance of aroma, flavor, color, body and overall impression. In the same way, the qualities are assured for a long time, which makes Buendia coffee an option that is always on the table. Those of us who have the privilege of enjoying delicious cups of Colombian coffee daily, whose aroma and flavor makes us fall in love with it and fills us with energy to start our days, sometimes we wonder who is behind each coffee bean. The coffee growers of Buendia select each fruit with love, wisdom and culture, and that is where the magic happens. They know and love our land, as well as recognize their roots and with a great commitment, they support and educate their children so that they can get ahead professionally and always have in their hearts the pride of being part of the culture that represents the heart of Colombia.