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Ginebras Gourmet Coffee Beans - Colombian Coffee
Ginebras Gracias Totales Coffee Ground - Colombian Coffee Ginebras Gracias Totales Coffee Ground
Ginebras Origin Sevilla Coffee Beans - Colombian Coffee Ginebras Origin Sevilla Coffee Beans - Colombian Coffee
Ginebras Oso Andino Coffee Beans - Colombian Coffee Ginebras Oso Andino Coffee Beans

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Rich and Nutty Flavor

Our 100% Colombian Roasted Coffee Beans are coffee in their purest form. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or an occasional sipper, the most important aspect of coffee is flavor. And that is where we come in. Our single origin, whole beans offer the boldest, most unique flavor profile of any Colombian coffee on the market today. Each sip is a symphony of flavors, a balancing act between rich sweetness and mild, citrus-like acidity. Coffee lovers of all kinds can expect to pick up on notes of cocoa, caramel, lemon, nuts, and red berries. Even better, there are roasts to suit all tastes and palates, including dark roasted, medium roasted, and light roasted blends. No matter which you choose, each bag is fresh roasted and packed with rich, bold, and fruity flavors. To make sure we don’t lose any of our whole beans’ delicate undertones, our product packaging is absolutely air tight and stored in a cool, dry place until it’s ready to ship.

What is the coffee bean?

The coffee bean is the seed of the fruit of the coffee plant; this plant produces cherries and the seed is found there, the product of interest is not the fruit, therefore the factors of temperature changes, the amount of water, the quality of the soil, and others do not affect it. It is much easier to obtain a good coffee bean. The coffee beverage is obtained from a process in which the bean is roasted and prepared. The flavor of the beverage varies due to diverse factors, among them the time that elapses between grinding the bean and consuming the coffee.

Benefits of coffee beans

The basic differences are between two types of coffee beans: Arabica beans and Robusta beans.The selection of the coffee beans, the degree of roasting is also a key factor for the flavor of the coffee, where a distinction is made between light, medium intense, French, or high roast.The correct storage of coffee beans is very important, the most advisable is to store them protected from light and other odors.Enjoying the second most popular beverage in the world is a matter of tastes and colors.To have at home a Colombian Coffee that maintains all its properties without alterations in its aroma, flavor and caffeine. In addition, it is preserved much better and can remain stored for weeks without seeing its properties reduced.Arabica and Robusta coffees are the two main varieties of coffee cultivated in the world. In Colombia only Arabica coffees are cultivated, which produce a smooth beverage that is better adapted to the qualities offered by the Colombian soil.

The main arabica varieties produced in Colombia


Introduced by the French in the Caribbean. BORBON: introduced in the 1920s and is very high yielding.


Highly resistant to rust; excellent agronomic characteristics and a wide genetic diversity.TABILarge grains, tall and rust resistant. Derived from crosses of the Timor hybrid with the Típica and Borbón varieties.


It is a mutation of Borbon; it has a high production and good quality, it requires a lot of care and fertilization.


Large grain, very interesting for specialty coffees.