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El Plateado Regional is a suitable option for all coffee connoisseurs, offering complex notes that will linger long after the last sip. With medium acidity and velvety texture, this exquisite Colombian coffee will complete your morning ritual whether you are a fan of classic espresso, Turkish, filtered or other varieties. The dark roasted beans are sustainably sourced and come from regional and local plantations, supporting small businesses and coffee producers.

It is cultivated on the 'El Plateado' hill, a steep mountain on the border between Salgar and Urrao. In the mountains of the western cordillera this dark roasted coffee is cultivated with a sweet chocolate aroma with hints of dark chocolate, offering a perfectly balanced flavor that satisfies all the needs of those willing to enjoy it.

El Plateado Coffee comes from Antioquia, between 1500 and 2200 meters above sea level, it is of Arabica variety and is produced in a roasting process called drum roasting. In order to have those sweet, aromatic and citric touches, in addition to the rich fragrance, medium acidity, clean cup, smooth, balanced, medium body and long lasting residual flavor it undergoes a wet milling process and a medium roasting degree.

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El Plateado, a meeting place.

This coffee of exquisite aroma takes its name from the hill 'El Plateado', a steep mountain on the border between Salgar and Urrao. It is precisely there, in the steep hills of the western mountain range, as it passes through the Southwest of Antioquia, where this bean is cultivated. In these high mountains the coffee is cultivated and is characterized by its good taste and differentiation from other coffees, due to its origin in the municipalities of Anzá, Betulia, Caicedo, Concordia, Salgar and Urrao, as well as two other towns.

El Plateado is a selection of dark roasted coffees that does not compromise the quality of its flavor. With an aroma of sweet chocolate with hints of dark chocolate, this authentic Colombian Coffee offers a perfectly balanced flavor that satisfies all the needs of those willing to enjoy it. To offer the freshly roasted Café El Plateado it becomes a rule to preserve the traditions, since it is obtained in a sustainable manner with local and regional coffee producers, so, once it reaches the table, it is an exquisite traditional coffee ideal to serve in the office or in the comfort of your home.

El Plateado Coffee is a product that represents the dreams and aspirations of more than three thousand associates of the Salgar Coffee Growers Cooperative. The entity began to produce 'El Plateado' coffee in 2005 and three years later, the bean began to be projected in the international markets. Originating from Antioquia, between 1500 and 2200 meters above sea level, it is of the Arabica variety and is produced in a roasting process called drum roasting. In order to have those sweet, aromatic and citric touches, in addition to its rich fragrance, medium acidity, clean cup, smooth, balanced, medium body and lasting residual flavor, it undergoes a wet milling process and a medium degree of roasting. The local origin of this coffee contrasts profoundly with the latitudes where its producers want to make it reach. Taking into account that currently the markets are demanding products and services of foreign origin, the cooperative considers that it is prepared for its products to enter the North American and international markets. Therefore, they have a clear goal of establishing a significant export channel to the North American market.

Friendly Conversations

Pablo responds with kindness. He is available to answer all questions about El Plateado Coffee, of the Salgar Coffee Growers' Cooperative. He tells us that currently the more than 3,000 associates in the zone of influence have access to points of purchase, agricultural stores and many other benefits that the associativity of the countryside offers them.

The cooperative decided to start with the production of coffee because they saw the opportunity to show the product to the public, in addition to the need to solve the threshing problems that they were experiencing.

They did not know what to do with the coffee beans, but began empirically to work with it and have achieved many recognitions since then. In 2009 they participated in a program of Teleantioquia, a channel of the Government of the department and this opened many doors for them. Thanks to that appearance they were able to get the first bar code, which allowed them to enter chain stores as a product line.

However, it was not until 2015, when a politician initiated a specialty coffee program, that El Plateado Coffee began to improve its product. It was in that year when the possibilities of offering a wider portfolio of products according to public demand also opened up. In 2016 they generated the line of traditional, regional and premium coffee, with coffees exclusively from Concordia, Caicedo and Urrao.

"We represent our coffee growers and it is very important to clarify that within our coffee we always generate an added value to the coffee grower to compensate for the work that they do in the production of the coffee farm" says Pablo with his lively and energetic voice. At the moment they are working on the sophistication of their offer and adding new innovations. It is a process of expansion that takes time, but to which they are willing to dedicate all their attention. And it is in this process, always seeking to deliver the experience of the coffee that they are producing to their clients, that they opened two coffee stores in Concordia and Salgar, municipalities of Antioquia. Thanks to the stores they have seen a significant growth in the sale of coffee, in addition to making the brand name known in a more effective manner.

This name, as has already been mentioned, is due to the hill in the area where the coffee is grown. The hill covers 80% of the municipalities that the cooperative covers, it is an integrated management district and is the biological corridor of the spectacled bear. It borders with Chocó and becomes the perfect scenario to produce a coffee of excellent quality. A product that is the result of the inspiration and passion of its coffee growers, who work in the fields day after day, with the intention of continuing to bring to your table the best mild coffee in the world.

There we are In Colombia we call coffee the place where we go to have an aromatic drink, a soda, a beer or any other beverage, hot or cold. There we will meet those with whom we are going to go out, with whom we are going to chat, or with whom we have a business appointment. Coffee is an institution in the lives of Colombians. For years, it has been the epicenter of the social and political life of the towns and large cities. In the coffee shops the latest joke is discussed, the latest news is talked about and fought over, in the coffee shops the problems of the country are solved. In the coffee shops you can find out what they sell and what they buy, who is having success and much more.

It is for this reason that so many coffee brands join forces and open a physical store: it is an excellent way to reach more people. In addition to the diverse flavors, what The true attraction of a coffee is the stories behind it, be it in the production process or in the moment of enjoying it. Each coffee has something good to show, even if they come from different places. The most relevant is the work that the coffee growers do behind it, the work that they carry out on the farm or in the harvest, with which their hands pick the coffee beans to produce the most excellent flavor possible.

In those pauses that we take at work to drink something stimulating that allows us to continue working, coffee is always present because, honestly, it is useful for everything. Although it is taken in different ways, it is offered and tastes different, the important thing is that it is shared and there are many instruments to prepare and offer it. Of course, drinking an infusion of unroasted green coffee is undrinkable. It is with the delicate and artisanal roasting operation that coffee reveals its secrets. The coffee will vary in appearance, swelling, changing color and becoming brittle. Fatty substances will increase, sugars and chlorogenic acids will decrease, and in a marvelous symphony for our taste and smell, more than 700 aromatic compounds will appear that until that moment will have been jealously guarded.

Working in dreams

In Colombia, cooperatives are regulated by basic norms that facilitate the relationship between coffee growers and those in charge of promoting their coffee. Each member, regardless of the cooperative to which it belongs, must make an annual contribution, but the cooperative also assures sustainability services and improvement projects for those who are part of it. The Salgar Coffee Growers Cooperative is proud to have all its affiliates linked to the associativity and to filter the resources in an adequate manner for the development and growth of all the coffee farms in the zone to which they belong. In El Plateado Coffee, and with Pablo as spokesperson, they are constantly working to improve the quality of their product and their services, both for the external public as well as for their internal clients, being the coffee growers and pickers the ones that put their energy and work to have the coffee in the market. They have a registered seal of origin coffee and many dreams to continue building what was born one day as an option to move forward.