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Like no other country, Colombia produces excellent quality coffee throughout the year. La Abuela coffee has its origin in 1942, produced on the slopes of the TATAMA Natural National Park, a protected reserve in the Western mountain range, between the departments of Choco, Valle del Cauca and Risaralda. It is known for its rugged geography and its steep slopes, which has earned it the fame of the only virgin wasteland in the world and also one of the most inaccessible; This makes these lands have an environmental offer to give high quality coffees, hand in hand with the conservation of nature and natural management without chemicals that influence health. For the production of our La Abuela coffee we currently have a collection center, threshing, roasting center, quality laboratory and thus deliver a final product of excellent quality; Our presentation is 500g.

Specialty Coffees: Grandma Laura

Nelson must have looked like a peasant at some point in his life. I imagine him with the hat and the red or white cloth with which he adorns himself and takes care of his neck. In that image, the machete at his waist cannot be missing; together with the mule, the carriel, the handkerchief, the hat and the espadrilles, they were properties that defined who was who. Men tanned by work and experience, like him. Although when we talk he tells me that he worked for many years in a restaurant, from his voice and his story, one could believe that he worked all his life in a coffee farm producing Abuela Laura coffee.

Abuela Laura has its origin in 1942 and is produced in the foothills of the Tatama National Natural Park, a protected reserve in the Western Cordillera, between the departments of Choco, Valle del Cauca and Risaralda. This region, known for its rugged geography and steep slopes, is reputed to be the only virgin paramo in the world and one of the most inaccessible. For this reason, these lands have the perfect environmental offer to produce high quality coffees, hand in hand with the conservation of nature and natural management without chemicals that influence health.

Nelson Sepulveda is 72 years old and speaks with propriety on the subject of coffee. He is in charge of continuing to promote and bring to the tables of Colombians the Abuela Laura coffee, a coffee that tastes chocolatey, medium citric, with tones of red fruits, red wine or white wine and with a touch of sugar cane flavor. Grandmother Laura was the owner of the farm La Aurora, located in Santuario, Risaralda, in the forties and it was her who led many processes during that time. After her death, the farm remained in the hands of the family until 2020 when Nelson decided to sell it, not without first doing many tests to produce the best coffee possible and it is in honor of her that he named the product that he now sells in the market.

This coffee, which tastes like love, is still produced in the La Aurora farm, because the family that lives there sells the beans to Nelson so that he, through the Tatama Coffee Growers Association, can make it. In this association, Nelson affirms, they help all the small coffee growers, especially those that produce high quality coffees in the high mountains. For him, there are two very important points: the association gives incentives to the workers and offers constant training to the owners.

Although he says that he is not a very good salesman, Nelson says that those who get to know him and those who taste his coffee are the ones who buy his coffee and from there, the flow that his product has. He also sells it to the restaurant where he has worked most of his life and little by little he is reaching more business chains and websites that offer coffee online. However, word of mouth continues to be the strongest point for Abuela Laura.