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Sweet, balanced and balanced with chocolate flavor residue


Cocoa, Sugar Cane, Melon


Caramel, Chocolate, Cocoa, Brown sugar, Brown sugar






Medium - High - Citric


Medium and Silky




Between 100 and 1799 m.x.n.m

Sarasa Coffee is born in the Buenavista farm, at 1,750 meters above sea level, in the municipality of San José, Caldas, in the Western Cordillera and has the climatic influence of the Nevado del Ruiz and the Cauca River. These facts give our farm a special microclimate of high temperatures during the day and low temperatures at night, giving origin to our premium 100% Colombian Coffee in its different varieties: Caturro, Castillo Zona Centro and Colombia.

Its selective harvesting of ripe beans generates employment for countless families throughout the region, who see in our farm the opportunity to raise their children and forge a better future for them, which fills us with pride and optimism to be able to contribute to the generation of peace in a country with high unemployment rates.

Our traditional processing and sun-dried coffee gives rise to a coffee with fruity fragrances with notes of caramel, chocolate and a subtle melon. Its round and balanced cup with medium acidity and a caramel sweetness will leave you with a lingering and thoroughly enjoyable aftertaste.

Our UTZ Sustainable Agriculture certification guarantees that we are: Environmentally Sustainable thanks to the 15 water sources found on our farm that give rise to the Cambia stream, famous for its great flow and which serves more than 500 families throughout its long journey that begins in the municipality of San José, passes through the municipality of Risaralda and ends up flowing into the Cauca River in the municipality of Anserma. 

Good agricultural practices mean that our farm works hand in hand with the coffee growers' committee and their agronomists, who help us to improve our knowledge, thus achieving very well nourished coffee plantations, thanks to the timely soil analysis that we carry out periodically, resulting in better harvests of excellent quality. The responsible use of agrochemicals allowed by the certifying firm results not only in a clean cup without any trace of them, but also allows us to protect the habitat of our forests that total 20% of the total area of the farm.

We have good social and housing conditions, because in our camps we give all the possible welfare to our harvesters and contractors so that they feel at home, providing them with the best possible food, which ensures their prompt return to harvest the next crop. Finally, we process our coffee with clean water that springs from a spring a few meters from the house, which guarantees us the unequaled quality and flavor in the cup of our Sarasa Coffee.