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Buendía Roasted and Ground Coffee x 12 oz - 340 g  Medium Dark

Buendía Roasted and Ground Coffee x 12 oz - 340 g Medium Dark

Buendia Freeze Dried Colombian Coffee

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Buendia freeze-dried soluble coffee is presented in the form of granules or small pebbles, as a result of its different production process that involves freezing at low temperatures, allows to obtain up to three times more coffee than what is usually produced for other variants, preserving up to 2% of caffeine, such as soluble or capsules.

Freeze-dried Buendia Coffee is a very appetizing product in international markets for its flavor, aroma and the content of natural nutrients make it a unique beverage in the national and international industry.
We have many benefits among them:



  • The shape of freeze-dried coffee is expressed in beans with a solid structure well configured and defined as its quality.
  • Aroma and flavor close to roasted and ground coffee.
  • Practical and easy to prepare.
  • Ideal for mixing and obtaining coffee-based drinks.
  • Long useful life, approximately 24 months preserving its quality.
  • Presentations in: 100g and 500g bag 

Buendía coffee has its company located in Chinchiná-Caldas, with an industrial operation of the National Coffee Fund that produces and exports freeze-dried coffee with more than 45 years in the market; today it allows it to have a presence in more than 60 countries and be in the five continents. It has positioned itself as the best quality / price ratio in the world market; The certifications of the management systems, the product and those required by some clients, have become differentiating factors at the time of the sale of their products.

Freeze-dried coffee is a soluble product obtained through a sophisticated freezing process. To understand the basis of the process known as lyophilization, it will be enough to take as an example the daily phenomenon that occurs when, in the middle of summer, we open the refrigerator's freezer and a small cloud of steam forms, water, as a result of the introduction of hot air coming from outside through the open door, has gone directly from the solid state of ice to the gaseous state without going through the intermediate liquid state, as is usually normal; This phenomenon is known in physico-chemistry as "Sublimation"; in a similar way it is possible to dehydrate the previously frozen coffee extract, with the contribution of the necessary calories the phenomenon of lyophilization occurs, which consists of its passage to steam, without previously melted, preserving the small solid coffee particles and thus obtaining a granulated soluble coffee powder.

All soluble coffees, including freeze-dried, as they have been made through a dehydration process, constitute a product with very little humidity and for whose conservation they must be kept in hermetically closed containers and thus the coffee preserves its organoleptic properties intact. It is a coffee elaborated in a subtle and careful way, the low temperatures and a gentle drying allow it to preserve intact the flavor and aroma of the roasted grain; This is its secret, which has led it to position itself as a soluble, incomparable and extraordinary coffee.

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