Types of coffee roasting: how do they affect the taste?

The world of coffee can sometimes be intimidating, for people raised in Colombia it is easy to talk about different variables that notably change the flavor of a coffee and help define the profile of the nose or the flavor of the coffee.

In these entries, we will explain different concepts a little more technical in a less complex language that will help you understand the world of coffee a bit more.

Many factors influence the quality of a coffee: variety, origin, harvest, drying and of course, also it's roasting. Roasting is the process by which coffee goes from its natural state (green coffee or raw coffee) to acquire that brown color that we are all used to.

The roasters increase the temperature while the coffee moves inside. The heat modifies the coffee in an escalating way: when it reaches 100 degrees the beans begin to brown, at 180 it already gives off intense aromas and acquires

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