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Coffee History


    It is a hot December morning. The group begins the descent at nine o'clock in the morning towards one of the many rivers that bathe the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape -PCC. Upon arriving at the shore, in spite of a long walk, there is not a single participant who wishes to sit down and rest. They are surrounded by a unique landscape and a tranquility that is not felt in the city. Just past the river it is easy to find the Piedras Marcadas, cultural and archaeological heritage of Risaralda.


    After touring the place and taking the respective photos with the different shades of green that the landscape offers, more than one sits down to enjoy a well-deserved snack. In the thermoses they bring the best Colombian coffee and, while they enjoy it, they realize that they have not seen a single person different from those who came down with them. From one moment to the next, a braying sound is heard in the distance

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  2. "Coffee Cosecha Corrales " New Coffee without pesticides. Caldas -Colombia

    Who you are?

    My name is Felix Octavio Corrales Villegas. I was borned in Chinchina Caldas. I consider myself as entrepreneur that has succeeded and failed in different fields and business but there is something very much connected to my heart and family roots that is hard not to talk about and is the coffee region and all that entails to me.  I have almost 50 years of experience growing and producing coffee. The first thing in the morning and I can think about is a hot cup of coffee before breakfast.

    Where the idea about growing coffee came from?

    More than an idea, the coffee production has always been part of my life. As far as I remember, my grandfathers’ father (Antonio Corrales) was the owner of a farm dedicated to coffee production between Chinchina and Palestina, Caldas since the mid of 19th century. As the coffee production growth in Colombia a

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  3. The History of the Coffee Bean: A Comprehensive Guide

    Interested in the history of the coffee bean? In this article, we'll discover the origins of one of the world's most beloved drinks. And where might that be, you ask? Well, though there are several theories on the origin of the coffee bean, most historians believe that it originated in Ethiopia.


    But, there’s more to the coffee bean than just where it came from and how it spread across the globe. We’ll also be talking about what a coffee bean looks like when it’s unripe, ripe, and before roasting. You’re in for quite a history lesson, so settle in and prepare to learn more about your favorite drink.


    Where Does the Coffee Bean Come From?


    Depending on who you ask abo

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